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Picture Gallery

Please remember that Unlimited Detail is a very new product and our artwork has not yet been done by professionals.

This herd of six eyed giraffes are enjoying an early morning stroll in the sunshine. Every rock on the ground is a real geometry point cloud object, rather than a flat texture map or a bump map. 

This is a fire berry tree. It has a complicated root system that turns into twisting vines that intertwine. Such levels of complexity and detail are certainly not possible in todays games. You can see the individual branches and twigs, all are real geometry without a straight angle or a flat polygon to be seen.

Here are some seperate Unlimited Detail objects. These objects were built on a point cloud data editor, but you can also import objects by building them out of polygons and converting them to point cloud data, or you can import objects from the real world using a laser scanner. The reason they look more realistic is because their textures are real, rather than flat polygons.

Palm trees are a polygon games best friend (they have big flat leaves) but, we still liked them, so we made some Unlimited Detail Palm trees. The palm trees in the distance show the very accurate scaling of distant objects.

Unlimited Detail can use a variety of different lighting techniques, in this case, we are using a shadow map.

This picture is a good example of Unlimited Detail solving huge problems. We have a lot of palm trees all over lapping each other with lots of little tiny holes through to the palm trees behind and then we have the mess of branches that make up the trees in the distance. Unlimited Detail under such complicated circumstances still only grabs the points we need and doesn't touch the points that won't be dispalyed on the screen.

I call this a Jungle Puppy, because I'm not very good at naming things. You can see the high level of detail on the legs in the second picture, it's all real point cloud geometry, running in unlimited amounts in real time, and it is a software system. Games are about to take a huge leap forward in to the realm of infinite graphics power. 

I just put this picture at the end because I liked it. It has refections and lots of really complicated trees and detail, detail, detail.